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Welcome to Camping and Hiking Gear. I am here to give tips and tricks to help you on your hiking and camping trips. I also want you to find the best gear that can help your trip.

My Story

In 2012 I was working with at a last chance home for kids. I was always athletic and played sports on a weekly basis. One of our kids had a bad day and ended up tearing my labrum while trying to restrain them from hurting other children and staff. 

It took me over 4 months to get my surgery due to workmans comp struggles and the company fighting the injury. (I was told they fought it because their insurance was maxed out due to all the injuries happening recently. 

So by the time I got my surgury the doctor told me at max I would have 70% use of my right arm. He told me I can never lift above 20 lbs again and I would be unable to do what I love and play sports anymore. 

Me being the stubborn person I am tried on multiple occasions to get back into sports from softball to basketball and even golf. Unfortunately none of them panned out.

So being depressed I did what a lot of people do and eat my way out of depression. I went from 165lbs to 225lbs. I looked like a blimp. 

Then recently I found that hiking and camping was a good way to get exercise and still do something that is enjoyable and relaxing. 


If you are an avid guru or someone like me who wants to do something enjoyable to stay in shape. It is all the same. You are doing something you love and are passionate about for a reason. In my struggle of getting into hiking and camping from being so out of shape I learned a lot of tips and tricks to making hiking a fun and enjoyable experience.

You will learn how to take precautions on long hiking trips and get the proper gear to help you do so.


The goal of our site is to help beginners and experts alike to find new tips and tricks to keep them safe and injury free along their hiking trips. Also help you find gear for camping and hiking to make your experience a much more enjoyable one. 

All the best,

Jamie Pennington

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